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Here are some great resources for keeping yourself secure online and at home.

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Here are some other websites dedicated to the topic of Privacy and/or Security Tools available:

Proprietary Options:

ESET is an Award Winning Digital Security Company that has been providing Virus protection since 1987. They offer a series of free tools, including a One-Time Virus Scanner.

Redact is an impressive tool that aims to remove as much of your existing digital footprint as possible – a noble task. Redact isn’t open source, however, with the nature of their service, providing their source code to the public would only help large corporation prevent their service from working on their platforms.

A similar tool, and competitor to Redact is Icogni. It is also not Open-Source for the same reasons as Redact. I needed to provide an alternative to Redact as I haven’t found an Open-Source alternative.

Open-Source Options:

ClamAV – A large open-source Anti-Virus backbone – it is actually integrated into some large companies’ enterprise security solutions, notably Cisco AMP.

Alternatively: for Windows

Snort – An Open-Source Intrusion Protection System (IPS), Snort is used in tools like PFSense. I wanted to highlight it as it is a super important project, and you can install it on your own Linux systems depending on what way you go for Network Protection. It is important to note, that you can setup Firewalls to block access, but having IPS gives you that additional protection for when your Firewall rules miss something or a vulnerability exists.

PfSense – An Open-Source Linux-based Firewall solution that can be installed on almost any hardware. This gives you the opportunity to have near-enterprise-grade security protection at home!

Alternatives: OpenWRT, DD-WRT, NetBSD

PiHole – While natively PiHole doesn’t increase your security or privacy, as it is more about targeting Ads. There are community made DNS Lists for blocking Malicious, Untrustworthy or otherwise “Bad” domains. Pairing PiHole with DNS-over-HTTPS or DNS-over-TLS/SSL furthers your privacy by obscuring your Internet Service Provider from your DNS queries. You could install this alongside a Firewall or on an alternative device like a Raspberry Pi.

Are you curious what Internet connectivity is happening on your computer? Do you want extra visibility on what is going on in the background?

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