What does my phone look like?

This post is a quick overview of what I personally do for increased privacy in my life, focusing on my Phone. I am not connected to any of the companies or software below.

Nothing Phone (1) – I was very unsure where to go from my last phone, and the fact that Nothing used a lot of recycled materials in their phone was a huge selling point for me.

  • Operating System: Android 13 – Custom ROM: Lineage OS

What is a Custom ROM? Well, since Android is an Open-Source project, you can create your own version of it. That would be a custom ROM.

Why do I use a Custom ROM? I flash the Operating System of my device to replace the stock Android with a customized version of it. The customization can vary drastically, but putting a custom ROM allows me the freedom to get rid of the stock Google Apps and replace them with something like the MicroG project or if I really wanted to not use the Google Store or Google Apps. Using MicroG removes a lot of the built-in tracking, and data-gathering that Google does but lets me use the Google Play Store.

Yes! There are alternatives to Google Play Store on Android! F-Droid is a great alternative, but you can also side-load .APK files to your hearts content if you are willing to role the dice.

Apps I use:

  • Communication, Voice, Video Calling / Instant Messager: Signal
  • Web Browser: Firefox Nightly
  • Social Media: Instagram and LinkedIn. They rank an E’s on ToS:TLDR
  • VPN: Wireguard to my Home Firewall when connecting to other Wi-Fi besides the home network.

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