What does my computer look like?

This post is a quick overview of what I personally do for increased privacy in my life, focusing on my Computer. I am a Lenovo Pro+ vendor with my business Meet Modern, but besides that, I am not connected to any of the companies or software below.

Lenovo P15s Gen 1 – My Workstation

  • Windows 11 Enterprise + WSL Debian 12

My Custom-Built Gaming Desktop –

  • Windows 11 Pro

I am pretty constrained by my work and gaming that I am using Windows 11 for my operating system, but I have limited the major privacy concerns connected to them where able to use tools or custom-written PowerShell + Registry changes.

Some tools I use limit Privacy Concerns:

  • Ironically, I have set up Intune Configuration Policies that push Configurations and Registry changes to turn off or remove some of the major privacy concerns that shipped with Windows 10/11.
    • This started as a PowerShell script I wrote back in 2020 for a company when they were migrating to Windows 10 and has since gone through many revisions, taking information and suggestions from all sorts of tools, forum posts, and simply descriptions of stuff found in InTune and Group Policy on Active Directory.
  • Since something I wrote is not super trustworthy or backed by entities, here are some other options:

Yes! There are alternatives to Google Play Store on Android! F-Droid is a great alternative, but you can also side-load .APK files to your hearts content if you are willing to role the dice.

Apps I use:

  • Web Browser: Firefox (Primary), but I use everything because of Web Development.
    • Extensions: ToS: TLDR, Decentraleyes, LibRedirect, Ghostery, AlwaysHTTPS, ClearURLs.
    • Configurations: about:config in Firefox to change configurations.
  • Anti-Virus: Windows Defender for Workstation. ClamAV for Gaming Desktop.
  • Password Manager: 1Password Family
  • File management/Sync: Nextcloud
  • Note Taking: Joblin

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